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Product – The reason you have a business

Knowing and loving your product is the easiest way to convince a customer to do business with you. Talk to us about our unique view of achieving this.

Create your “silent salesman” in the form of informative and attractive packaging, including brochures and web sites for both tangible and service products.

Informative packaging should never tell your client about you. Essentially your customer cares primarily about themselves, so your packaging should carefully explain the benefits they would receive and how they can use the product.

Attractive packaging must make your product stand out when placed alongside similar products, but not so that it creates a storage problem for your customer or embarrases them if caught looking at it.

Increase the product knowledge of your sales team and any other staff members that interface with customers or potential customers, on a regular basis.

This training is inexpensive because it can be done by your own production staff or by your suppliers who would willingly do this for free.

The growth in your sales figures is quite phenomenal when your clients (over time) realise that you are the “go to guys” in respect of product knowledge.

Ensure that your own staff are (if possible) loyal users of your product that provide feedback to you about the user friendliness and other uses of the product and listen carefully to their suggestions about improvements or changes to the product.

In addition to your own staff, or if your own staff are not users of your product, create a small group of customers as a “brainstorming group” on your products and their innovation.

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