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People – the soul of your business

People are what make your business work. Keeping them happy (without giving in to unreasonable demands) is the most important function of management.

Communication is the biggest problem in any organisation. When communication breaks down, it is replaced by rumour and subconscious sabotage, caused by individuals who wish to appear knowledgeable about the events occurring within the organisation.

Loyalty, from the organisation to the individual, is the other area that needs focus. Your organisation is simply providing a teaching environment that will allow your staff to move on to better things. You have the choice of either standing in their way (with associated problems) or assisting their progress.

Essential People Systems


Cross mentoring is a horizontal process between two members of staff of equal status within a larger organisation.

The task is to create a joint list of items the two individuals wish to understand or change about their compatriots job, or behaviour, and then, over a series of meetings, try to sort out these issues with each other.

This process demands maturity, causes understanding and sometimes necessary change.

Job swapping is a process between a senior and junior member of staff where, on a selected day, the senior staff member is the assistant to the junior staff member for the first half of the day and visa versa for the second half of the day.

The senior member of staff must notice which systems or facilities are inappropriate for the task of the junior member.

Succession planning is an ongoing process that assists your staff with the acquisition of skills they need to move on to their next stage in life.

This involves building an appropriate training, experience and mentorship programme that will assist the staff member to reach their personal goals as quickly as possible.

Our experience has shown that this approach causes employees to stay with your organisation for longer.

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