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Why Network?

Networking, and particularly online social networking, gives you access to very large marketplaces and allows you to interact with younger people who have grown up with the technology.

Fortunately, for those of us with grey hair, and a preference for fewer emails and more privacy, the internet offers many alternative networking sites.

In order of (our) preference, these are –

  1. LinkedIn – A network for business professionals with a very large base of participants and focused on business matters.
  2. YouTube – Another large network with the unusual quirk of being strictly video presentations.
  3. Facebook – The biggest of the social networks focused on a younger audience but fast becoming the hunting ground for corporate promotions.
  4. Twitter – Not one of our favourites but certainly a player in terms of audience.
Other Sites to Consider

We have found both Slideshare and Yudu to be very useful for the presentation of PowerPoint shows and online brochures successively.

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