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Management Reports

The Purpose of Management Reports

Every management report should …help you make a quick and informed decision… If they do not allow you to do this easily and confidently, then your management reports are not achieving their purpose.

Our experience has been that management reports have, in many cases become an information dump, with managers left to work out what information is relevant an which information is simply taking up space in the report pack.

Our Goal

Our clients are delighted with the fact that we substantially reduce the production time of reports and that, by designing the reports in conjunction with them, the reports created assist them to understand which decisions to make.

Management Report Focus

Your current management accounts pack is used as a basis of creating your new pack, using standard desktop software (e.g. Excel, Access, etc) and automation of many, or all, of the production processes.

We then discuss the inclusion of one, or all, of the following reports and system changes –

  • An Unencumbered Cash Report – which helps with the creation of a sensible capex budget and with other cash requirement decisions.
  • A Product/Service Performance Report – which prevents both under and over stocking or staffing.
  • An Asset Utilisation Report – Ensuring you have the made the correct investment decisions.
  • A Customer Satisfaction Report – An early warning report about the happiness (or otherwise) of your customers.
  • A Tightening of Your Communication and Loyalty Systems – leading to a more enthusiastic and productive staff compliment.

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