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Focus (Internal, External or Strategic)

The secret to driving a boat in a straight line is to focus on a point far in the distance and aim the boat toward it.

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Servant Leadership

Using leadership skills from his nine years in the Navy and 20 years in the Boy Scouts, he decided to transform the franchise culture, creating more transparency and focusing on improving teamwork and cooperation.

He welcomed his maids to come to him with problems, from needing new supplies, coaching on customer relations — even challenges outside of work.

As a result of the boosted morale, team sales shot up by more than 18 percent; the customer cancellation rate dropped; and new customers increased.

Source: Navy Veteran’s Servant Leadership Helped Turn Around His Franchise

Get Rid Of Management

Leadership is about the influence of people. Leaders inspire, encourage, coach, mentor, empower, and discipline.

They worry about the effectiveness of the organization and character of those who guide its direction. They pay attention to vision, values and the productivity and well being of associates.

Integrity always trumps greed.

Source: Get Rid Of Management

The secrets of Holacracy

Bureaucracy seems to be set up in a way that people cannot use their gifts, their talents.

Holacracy comes out of and operates within a milieu of unconventional ways to work that have become more popular in the last decade as younger and more visionary CEO’s eschew tradition and seek out a new way of working.

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Outsourcing Success Tips

Outsourcing success is dependent upon how well you manage the process before and after the outsourcing contract is signed.

Many companies award the outsourcing contract to the lowest bidder without understanding what it means to the business.

Consider the following –

  1. Outsource for the right reason.
  2. Thorough vendor selection process.
  3. Make it measurable.
  4. Follow up.
  5. Know when you are going over your head.

Read the details at Outsourcing Success Tips.

Keep your employees happy

Running a successful company full of high achievers and model employees is something most bosses dream of, however a by-product of this might be that your staff wish to start their own business. After experiencing success within a company many will want to try their hand at running things themselves, after all theres nothing quite like being an entrepreneur.

So, what can you do to try and keep your best employees?

Get some advice from Richard Branson: three ways to keep employees happy –

People – the soul of your business

Communication is the biggest problem in any organisation.

When communication breaks down, it is replaced by rumour and subconscious sabotage, caused by individuals who wish to appear knowledgeable about the events occurring within the organisation.

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Great Entrepreneurs Know

There are at least 10 important things that all great entrepreneurs should know

See all 10 at 10 things every great entrepreneur should know.

An Alternative To Holacracy

Recent news that online retailer Zappos is shifting to a holacratic model drew a fair bit of attention, at least among the chattering class. The notion that an organization can run better by flattening management and ditching job titles is a welcome idea to some and a radical notion to many others.

Two important pivots are at the core of a holacratic organization, according to leadership experts:

  1. Getting everyone’s input.
  2. Consensual decision making across the organization.

But lost in all the initial thumbs-up or thumbs-down reaction to Zappos’s move is a core challenge for most companies, regardless of organizational structure and size: how to unlock and unblock the best ideas, insights, and intelligence from within to drive innovation and significantly impact business results.

Have a look at An Alternative To Holacracy.

The Unique Job Perks That Employees Love

Attracting top talent with just a higher salary is something of the past. Leaders overcome this hiring hurdle by creating and implementing unique perks to differentiate themselves from other companies.  Here are 25 companies that are leading the way with creative perks that keep their employees more than happy.

Read The Unique Job Perks That Employees Love.

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