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Cash – The reward for doing it right

Cash or profit is not the purpose of business! The purpose of business is to supply the needs and wants of your customers and the reward is cash.

When your management and staff are measured on the earning of profit, the understanding of what is best for your organisation becomes blurred and causes opportunistic, and short-term, decisions to become the norm.

If your product or service is the cheapest in the marketplace, you are probably chasing profit at the expense of quality and service to your customers. Your reward for this is a very high advertising budget whose purpose is to get one-off customers who have not had the misfortune of experiencing your product.

High quality product or service, with fair pricing, builds a loyal customer following who are very willing to refer their friends and acquaintances to your business.

Managing and spending your cash on the right stuff is the most difficult and fussy part of any business because every marketing, purchasing and budgeting decision you make needs money.

Getting it right includes...
  • The creation and automation of a “Free Cash Report” that regularly and accurately predicts your future cash flows.
  • Building a disciplined purchasing system that controls senior members of staff.
  • A defendable budgeting methodology that makes things better instead of repeating history with an inflation increase.

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