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Our Philosophy

We believe that every organisation, and individual in that organisation, has the ability to succeed and grow using the path of knowledge, thought, communication and action.

Our Environment

We spend our time travelling and lecturing throughout the various cites of South Africa, Southern and Central Africa.

We utilise the public and in-house courses as a means of displaying our knowledge and abilities to the delegates. This gives people an opportunity to evaluate us in a cost effective manner while receiving relevant training. We are very comfortable that we are tested in this manner.

Once you have tested us, we encourage you to first apply the knowledge gained on the course in your own environment and then invite us to assist you with any items that you feel need more attention.

Our Team

We believe in getting the best people to do the job they are qualified to do. We therefore outsource every aspect of our business that is not our core business so that we can remain focused.

We talk about…

...topics that caught our attention and caused us to investigate...browse and enjoy...

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