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First organise your personal finances

Before we look at how to organise your business, let's make sure we take the worry out of your personal life by using a system that makes that possible...


Knowing and loving your product is the easiest way to convince a customer to do business with you. Talk to us about our unique view of achieving this...

We can assist you with your...

  • Product packaging
  • In-house training
  • Product innovation
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People are what make your business work. Keeping them happy (without giving in to unreasonable demands) is the most important function of management...

We can assist you with your...

  • Cross mentoring
  • Job swapping
  • Succession planning
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Cash or profit is not the purpose of business! The purpose of business is to supply the needs and wants of your customers and the reward is cash...

We can assist you with your...

  • FREE CASH report
  • Controlled purchasing
  • Budgeting for growth
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Important Stuff

Going home early is only possible if... have finished all of your work for the day and have planned tomorrow properly. This demands a high degree of self-discipline and an understanding that sometimes you may not be able to work reasonable hours... Search the site
Trust your reports?...(pick a pill)
Nodding in agreement about something you don't understand will eventually come back and bite you. Creating reports that help you make confident and correct decisions is what we do...Search the site
Have you got the right equipment?
Workmen have every right to blame their tools, if the tools they have are inappropriate for the job. We help you get your asset base right...Search the site
How skilled is your staff?
Do your staff even know what skills they are lacking? Is there enough time in the day to get all the work done or do people waste time trying to figure out how to do something before they can do the work?Search the site

Vital Stuff

Ignoring social networking... a means of talking to your customers is becoming suicidal. Many managers have a problem trusting their staff when social networks are made available on their systems...Search the site
Finding the right solution...
...demands innovative thinking. Going with the tried and trusted, is a means of losing market share to your competitors.
Encourage escaping from the box...Search the site
Do you know where excellent is?
Have you defined what excellent in your industry looks like, or are you just trying to imitate your competitors? Your customers know when they are getting more of the same...Search the site
Working in the cloud is not secure... something we have to assure our customers is not true. The guys running the cloud servers are far more qualified than your own IT support, plus they are in the public eye and cannot make invisible mistakes...Search the site

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